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Integrates with popular Social Publishing platforms

Simple to use features

Review the content Swiftly has created for you

Highlight your blog post content to create more social content

Create images for your social content

Send to your chosen Social Publishing platform (Buffer etc)


I already use Buffer, Hootsuite and other social platforms. How does SwiftlySocial differ?

These platforms are great for social monitoring, listening, publishing and reporting.

However content creation (and curation) is required to publish using these tools. Which is typically a manual process too (with the exception of using RSS feeds of course). To get the required reach you’ll need a lot of content too.

SwiftlySocial automates the content creation process by repurposing content you’ve already created on your website or blog post and you can then publish with your chosen social publishing platform (Buffer etc). We don’t see the point in reinventing the wheel, but to compliment what’s already out there.

How does this differ from using RSS feeds?

RSS feeds from your own content and from industry websites will only share the title, imagem link and that will only create you one unique post. Your content will most likely contain more rich content to share and Swiftly creates these into shareable social content automatically.

Using Swiftly, you’ll be able to create 25x more social media content automatically.

Which social networks can I use this content with?

You can use SwiftlySocial with all popular social media networks including twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, instagram and more with your chosen social publishing platform. You can also download the content via .CSV too.

Can I review my content before I publish to social media?

Yes. You’ll be able to edit it, add images and hashtags too.

For the free account do I need a credit card?

There’s no credit card required for free accounts.

Does this work with all websites and blog posts?

Yes, providing your content has been written in a structured manner taking into account SEO SwiftlySocial will work perfectly.

You can of course use Swiftly with any websites which is great if you want to share content written on other websites within your niche.

Are there any long term contracts?

No, all we need is 30 days notice for SwitflySocial Pro.

What real users are saying about SwiftlySocial

I have been able to create tweets for my blog posts in minutes! It used to take me hours to write and upload them. Thank you!

Adam Jowell

I love the highlighting text tool. Such an easy and quick way to create social content. Very impressed!

Samuel King

SwiftlySocial is so easy to use. I created a number of posts in minutes. Perfect!

Paul Mason

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